Team Trafic Rules for AIOP ProTeam Members

Welcome to AIOP ProTeam! 

As members of our AIOP ProTeam we all agree to promote one link, that's part of our success. This link places two new members under all of us, yes also the people in your own downline who then will pass up to you. Yes this system and AIOP Compensation Plan is realy a win win for all of us!

We need traffic to have Team Success and as we all know many hands make light work, so we all need to do our part getting traffic and that's why we have this rule.
All Team Members send me following information:

Send a minimum of 500 clicks/hits per week or 2000 clicks/hits per month to your own campaign capture pages. This way you're promoting the team rotator (in the email series) while building your own list!

Place your capture page URL in a AIOP Tracker in your back office and promote that AIOP Tracker link. You can Replace your pages as often as you like (edit Tracker) but make sure you keep the same AIOP Tracker for the monthly stats.

Somewhere in the last week of Each month email me with Subject: My Team Traffic Stats - and include your name, AIOP username, your sponsor name and a screenshot from your AIOP Tracker link stats in the email body. 
How? Go to your AIOP tracker, click "for more details" and make a screenshot like the one below, make sure you Reset your AIOP Tracker to zero After you take the screenshot!

Send your email to: Include:

Your Name:
Your AIOP Username:
Your AIOP Sponsor name:
Your Tracker Screenshot:
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